World Book Night, 23rd April 2013; a better Valentine’s Day?

I love this idea! 23rd April is St George’s Day in both England and Catalonia, and apparently traditionally Spanish gentlemen gave their ladies a rose and the ladies returned the favour with a book.I really think this tradition ought to be brought back. Don’t you? It seems far more romantic than Valentine’s Day. Firstly, I like getting flowers and secondly what fun one could have choosing the book for one’s lover. Perhaps an improving book, or a naughty book, or (ok I’m biased here) a sumptuous album of photographs….I love books, especially the grand kind with parchment pages that turn reverently and stunning, colourful photographs. For weddings they make the most fabulous record that generations will love looking at. And I’m also an avid reader of novels, cookery books and magazines. At the moment I’m reading ‘The Lacuna’ by Barbara Kingsolver,barbara-kingsolver-9780571252633  which is promising to be very good indeed. I truly believe books can change your life.Happily this year World Book Night is launching, and if you are not a regular reader you might just get lucky and be given a free book! Tracey Chevalier is apparently stalking London, along with many other givers, to hand out books to the unsuspecting public. You can also become a reading ambassador or join a reading group.And of course you can book a portrait, family or wedding photoshoot with me and create your own beautiful book of magical stories – both in print and digitally.