How to Get Engaged – and Harper’s Bazaar’s favourite rings

My mother has an amazing engagement ring. Fashioned from my grandmother’s diamond, Irish jeweller Graham Harron added gold, rubies and emeralds to echo the shape of the Giants Causeway where my parents lived. The wedding ring fitted to the engagement ring so that when you put the two together they became complete. So romantic! You can see Graham Harron’s work here That ring is pretty awesome, I realise now, and being an artist she designed it herself. It reminds me of the waters and the wild of County Antrim, where I was brought up. The marchioness of Walderhurst with her egg sized ring might even have envied it. My mother is in fact a goddess. BUT as a child I hated that ring because it was so massive that it was always catching my skin.Below:A landscape of the peace maze in Northern Ireland. Available for purchase via my online gallery password: ‘see’ When you get engaged you face a barrage of questions, opinions and advice. When’s the big day? Have you found a venue? What’s the dress like? It can be overwhelming.One way round this is to keep your betrothal quiet until you have made a few plans. Pick your date, pick your venue, and have your engagement shoot THEN tell your friends with some fabulous pictures.  (OK I would say that but engagement shoots are fantastic!) That way, you can deflect their attention with gorgeous pictures and protect yourself from the barrage of questions.I am loving this round up of engagement rings from Harper’s Bazaar. In case anyone needs to know, my favourite is the aquamarine one… ‘Santa Baby, there’s one little thing, a ring… I don’t mean on the phone…’’d love to hear your tips and memories of getting engaged. How was it for you? Comment below! You know I love comments. And if you have recently got engaged, congratulations! Email me on fiona to enquire about your engagement session.loveFiona