I Take My Clothes Off :-O – Boudoir Photoshoot in Islington

OK, well not quite ALL my clothes…boudoirphotography-FionaCampbellPhotography-Islington_172This is a post about boudoir photography. A lot brides love to book a boudoir shoot before their wedding, when they’re looking their best. However, I had a mini boudoir shoot in January, when I was feeling fat and depressed after Christmas. And I’m so glad, because it turned out to be the best pick me up ever.The idea was to have a little play around with techniques with fellow photographer Catherine Price. And Nina came along to help with the make up and hair. The challenge was to see if we could make each other look gorgeous against all the odds.The day before I had no sugar, no alcohol, I got my eyebrows shaped and I went to the gym. That was the extent of my efforts. I didn’t even have a chance to get my roots dyed!As with all my studio shoots, I made sure we had some treats. (below)Catherine bravely went first in the make up chair. We both found it incredibly strange to be the other side of the camera. Catherine’s before and after (above)my before and after (above) It was the darkest January day I have ever seen. We used daylight balanced lights, which are great because they both look good AND they make you feel as if you’ve spent the day in the sun, which is just what you need in January.  above; pillow fight!And then it was my turn! And it was such good fun. I really felt fabulous by the end of my photoshoot. You should never wait until you’re looking ‘perfect’ or your ‘best’ to have your photoshoot. Have it done whenever you like, because you will feel wonderful afterwards.To book your boudoir photoshoot call me on 07977 538424 or email me on fionaalcampbell@me.com or contact me via my website http://www.fionacampbelllondon.com/#pages/Contact     Many thanks to Nina for the hair and make up, http://www.fionacampbelllondon.com/#pages/Nina%20%20-%20Make%20Up%20Artist and to Catherine Price for the photographs and the modelling. www.facebook.com/iheartboudoir And apologies to David for stealing his shirt 😉